Alexandria Fahr

Alexandria Fahr

Species: Ferret

Age: 30

Height: 1.70 mts / 5.57 ft

Weight: 53 kgs / 116.84 lbs

Profession: Artist Agent and Gallery Owner

Affiliation: None

Location: Neon City, Fanfolia

The only child and heir to her family’s business. Alex grew up with all the luxuries she would ever need or want in her life, but with little to no affection from her parents. She always had a taste for the dark and weird, which caused her to be a bit of a pariah in her private school, which resulted in rumors and nicknames like “witch girl” and “weird Alex”.

After becoming of age, she realized that the sole expectation of her in life was to get married and have a kid to pass on the family name and business. Suddenly the cold reality of the arranged marriage between her parents dawned on her and was made worse upon the realization that her future would be the same. This caused Alex to become bitter and sarcastic in a rebellious way.

By the time she reached college, Alex’s personality kept people away from her and caused even more unsavory rumors to be spread. Then she met Ron, who also had issues with his family, and the two started a very strong friendship. Alex’s view of the world changed upon the realization that she could still be rebellious towards her family but not be a douche to others at the same time. Alex used her fund trust to start her own art gallery, and uses a more amicable persona to make contacts and friends in the art world. She still doesn’t care what others think of her and is very happy about living life in her own terms.

Alex is one of Ron’s personal friends and on-again off-again girlfriends. She is first introduced as Dark_Diva68 on the instant messaging program back in the first few pages. She is an incredibly talented art connoisseur and representative as evidence with her vast array of priceless collections in her home and ability to sell entire galleries for her clients in a single evening. And while she loves all art, she specializes in the dark and unusual pieces since they provide more flare. She suffers horrible childhood memories of how she was a social outcast and weird thanks to Terrato’s influences. She goes with Ron on his journey to the Firesands because of those manipulated dreams.

Alex met Ron back in college and hit it off quite well since they were both misfits. She really cares deeply for him as he helped her to not care what others think of her. Sadly, she is rather abrasive towards the idea of marriage. She still has an open relationship with him though. Relationship aside, she does care for Ron, looking after him and protecting him from scams while encouraging to him a live a little with her crazy antics and advice.

Alex has a big heart that helps her with new people, such as with Mayte. She is so kind to her that she treated her more of a sister than a complete and utter stranger. During the fight with Terrato, she is thrown against the ceiling. She wakes up in the hospital with her leg in a brace as the doctors feared the Deivon virus would spread. Mayte and Jane were able to heal her.

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