Benjamin Johnson

Benjamin Johnson

Species: Magpie

Age: 30

Height: 1.84 mts / 6.00 ft

Weight: 85 kgs / 187.4 lbs

Profession: Real Estate Agent

Affiliation: None

Location: Neon City, Fanfolia

Being raised in poverty, Ben grew up having to learn to live on his own merits with wit and cunning. While he has street smarts and charm, he was never a brilliant student, and was in danger of repeating fourth grade if it wasn’t for his chance meeting with Ron (while swiping his homework and changing the name) and an agreement to defend him from bullies in exchange for tutoring. While begrudgingly accepting at first, Ben and Ron grew to be best friends.

The first born of a single mother, Ben has two younger slacker brothers and a youngest little sister that he spoils. As the oldest man in his family, he had to work hard to help his mother support the rest of his siblings and even managed to put his little sister Miranda through college, while he didn’t go past high school level education. Ben is proud of his sacrifice.

Even if he didn’t get professional education, Ben has a silver tongue and keeps in optimal physical condition. This allows him to parlay his charms into a real estate career, plus plenty of womanizing. He is also very well connected in less savoury parts of town, allowing him some some easy access to “services” he may need in the future.

Ben is Ron’s best friend. They met back in their youth in which Ron helped him with his homework in exchange for his protection against bullies. He is quite the partier and player with the ability to stack the odds in his favor, such as tipping the bouncer well. He does his best to help Ron unwind with all his research and the ladies. He never really got along with Alexei because of the whole bad influence and thief vibe that he spewed. In retaliation, he took a compass that Ron later learned could lead to the Eye. He happens to know quite a few women, one of which he was able to defraud so that the expedition could be funded. He also knows quite a few disreputable people that can help him out with forged documents. He tags along with Ron on this expedition to serve as additional protection. He has quite the nasty left hook. He called Ron out on rejecting all those women in favor of Alex.

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