Fiona Maple

Fiona Maple

Species: Beaver

Age: 21

Height: 1.70 mts / 5.57 ft

Weight: 65 kgs / 143.2 lbs

Profession: Culinary Student / Tour Guide

Affiliation: Hamilton Escarot Museum of History and Art

Location: Oakenfield, Fanfolia

Fiona grew up in nature, and roughing it is in her blood. Her mother passed away at a young age, leading to her being raised by her father and elder brother. As a lumberjack, her father taught her all about the great outdoors, and Fio always felt most at home running around outside, catching bugs, climbing trees, and swimming. She was a sweet, kind child, but her awkward lisp and cheerful nature made her a target for a young Marianne, who was working out her youthful aggression. However, after unknowingly joining the same little league hockey team, they eventually became best friends.

Fio is a very handy person, and enjoys woodworking as a hobby. But her great passion in life is cooking, and even as a child she wanted to become a professional chef. Leaving home to attend a culinary school in Neon City, Marianne, seeking a clean break from her old life, came with her. They live together, and although Fio wishes Marianne would clean up after herself more, they get along just fine.

She currently works as a tour guide at the museum, along with Marianne and two other friends of theirs from home. Her dream is to open her own restaurant one day, but she feels she has a long way to go before she’s ready for that, both in terms of skill and finances. Unfortunately for her, life in the big city is proving to be far less exciting than she hoped for, and boredom is her arch enemy.

Fio is one of Marianne’s friends and roommate. She constantly teases Marianne about her crush on Ron, giving him the nickname Professor Goldielocks.

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