Gretta Anaya

Gretta Anaya

Species: Holstein Cow

Age: 35

Height: 1.80 mts / 6.00 ft

Weight: Weight: 115 kgs / 253.53 lbs

Profession: Mercenary

Affiliation: Wonders 3

Location: Villa de Zapata, Playaback

Gretta is a bombastic tomboy that always had a knack for overcoming impossible challenges. From a young age she studied different martial arts and fighting techniques, and developing over time the ability to pinpoint the weak spot of any target and utterly devastate them with nothing but her fists.

Due to this unique ability and an innate thirst for adventure, she was contacted by the head of Wonders 3 to join their group as a mercenary for hire. Gretta leapt at the chance with glee and quickly rose in rank and reputation among the other members, and giving her enough prestige to choose her own assignments and teammates. Gretta’s life was pretty much all she ever wanted.

That changed when she met Hernan, an overweight but charming chef, during one of her vacations. The pair quickly fell in love and got married. To her surprise, she managed to find a perfect balance between her home life and work life, despite long hours away from her husband. The couple have plans to start a family but Gretta’s job keeps her unable to commit to this idea for now. She plans on taking one last job before taking a leave and start the new step in her life.

Gretta is one of Pierre’s teammates and serves as the primary contact with O’Raely. She appears rather snobbish and arrogant towards Ron after his presentation with O’Raely. She tends to enjoy drinking quite a bit. She is the muscle of the group and speaks primarily Spanish. Of the three, she’s the only one remorseful towards Wallace, going so far as carrying Alex outside the ruins.

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