Jane Xerno the First

Jane Xerno the First

Species: Jackalope

Age: 74

Height: 1.67 mts / 5.47 ft

Weight: 57 kgs / 125.66 lbs

Profession: Queen of Fanfolia

Affiliation: Fanfolian Kingdom

Location: Kant, Fanfolia

Jane was born the only child of King Joseph Xerno of Fanfolia. Overprotected and sheltered as a kid, she grew up with an insatiable curiosity to learn about everything and everyone. Jane’s natural charisma and charm trained her in negotiation, and she quickly learned what to say to get what she wanted. But still, she was never allowed to leave the royal palace.

During a world fair, she managed to sneak away from her escorts and wander around on her own terms. Here she met Catlen, a young man that fought and survived The Contamanean War, and their fates became entwined for the rest of their lives. Along with Catlen and their other companions, Jane adventured across the world, fought enemies, helped those in need, learned truths of the world, and even managed to defeat a decayed god.

All this helped Jane grow as a person, and the people whose hearts she touched became life long companions. But she also learned the hard truths of life, and how her father’s secretive actions were a danger to the rest of the world. Jane loved her father, but she could not deny the corruption in their kingdom. King Joseph tried to exert control over his increasingly rebellious daughter, finally arranging a marriage to a loyal soldier, Jane fled Fanfolia with Catlen, earning her friend a bounty on his head.

After a couple of years in hiding, Deivons from another world invaded Crisald, and the arrival of The Son of the Void spelled doom for everyone. Jane returned to her old home seeking her father’s help, but she arrived too late, and witnessed his murder at the hands of their Deivon enemies. After an emotional breakdown, Jane realized her new role, and rallied the people of Fanfolia as their Queen, to fight the invaders.

The battle was near-impossible, as there was little chance of matching the power of the Son of the Void. The tide turned when, the decayed god Zoron reappeared, offering to Jane his help against the god of the Deivons. Having no alternative, Jane agreed and became Zoron’s avatar. Together, they managed to fight the Son of the Void to a perpetual stalemate.

Now as the avatar of the Lord of the Green, Jane has gained control over plantlife and stopped aging. As long as she is loved and worshipped by her people, she can give strength to Zoron so he can keep hold the Son of the Void at bay. The reality of her situation has taken a toll on Jane as her loved ones grow old and pass away. Though she has gradually become less attached to normal people, she manages to keep a happy face to the public for she knows the burden she carries will help the rest.

In the past, specifically 50 years ago, Jane Xerno was the daughter of the late King Xerno who single handedly killed the Son of the Void and ushered in an era of peace and stability. Dubbed the Green Queen for her gardens and parks, she has worked tirelessly to rebuild Fanfolia for all of her subjects. She created the Silentmen to serve and protect Fanfolia from any future Deivon attacks. Yet despite the years and the stress that comes with the job, she has not physically aged at all.

In the present, Jane senses a Ramalach from Fanfolia and ponders on how to proceed with this new revelation. She introduces herself to Alex, Ben, and Ron a visit at the hospital and offers her sincerest condolences to Alex for the Deivon attack. She brought Mayte back to the group. She is rather excited with Mayte as her species were thought to be extinct. She is hopeful that a male could be found for breeding purposes. She then tells the group that she has unleashed the Silentmen onto Neon City to weed out any remaining Deivons. She somehow heals Alex’s leg, which appears to cause damage to herself. She dodges the group’s questions before leaving.

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