Marianne Duval

Marianne Duval

Species: Forest Raccoon

Age: 21

Height: 1.87 mts / 6.13 ft

Weight: 80 kgs / 176.13 lbs

Profession: Modern Art Major / Tour Guide

Affiliation: Hamilton Escarot Museum of History and Art

Location: Oakenfield, Fanfolia

Marianne is the product of an accidental pregnancy of her teenage mother, Minerva, whose fickle lifestyle created a parade of stepfathers for her daughter. Marianne grew up an only child and over time she picked up skills from both her mother and many stepfathers, giving Marianne a very diverse set of skills and hobbies from many walks of life. Marianne truly shines with her physical strength and excels at sports.

Being raised in such a troubled home, Marianne grew up bitter and resorted to abusing her strength. She bullied a young Fiona, who ultimately ended up becoming her best friend after both of them ended up playing on the same little league hockey team. Marianne grew to become a regional star goalie in the league.

Marianne’s fiery personality drives her to give little thought to long-term plans, which caused her to impulsively chase easy money from a photo shoot for an explicit calendar. The following scandal cost Marianne her position on the hockey team, her sports scholarship, and made her a pariah in her town.

Marianne decided to move to Neon City to become financially independent and start over. A small town girl in the big city, she now takes any job she can to pay for her professional studies and get rent money. She now shares an apartment with Fio and works a very busy schedule trying to make ends meet.

Marianne is one of the many booth babes at the museum. Peterson assigns her to Ron on an important project for a joint presentation with the Neon City Historical Society. Outside of work she is a college student at the Sci University studying the arts. She enlists Ron’s help for her test studying, which she did not take as she subsequently broke her leg. She appears rather pushy when it came to the project as she is doing all the work. She does show genuine concern for Ron when he told her about his expedition. Upon the cast’s removal, she celebrates with her girlfriends and two guys she picked up at the bar. In between classes and working at the museum, she spends her time painting for the exhibit.

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