Mayte of the Mah Tribe

Mayte of the Mah Tribe

Species: Lake Serpent

Age: 223

Height: 1.80 mts / 6.00 ft

Weight: 135 kgs / 297.62 lbs

Profession: Water Mage with a specialization in Morph magic

Affiliation: The Wardens of Segen

Location: Segen, Firesands

Mayte was born and lived all of her life inside the ruins of Segen. Ages ago, her ancestors allied with the Deivon Lord Ramalach and received extensive knowledge in the magic arts in return. But the reality of Ramalach’s conquest of Firesands caused discord between his followers. Akbar, the highest ranked priest, convinced the others to seal Ramalach and save Firesands. While Akbar’s deed saved his people, his family line was considered tainted, and they served as the wardens of Ramalach’s seal in a secret location in the middle of the vast desert. Mayte, as a member of Akbar’s bloodline, was raised with her ancestors knowledge of Morph magic to prevent the Deivon from ever being released.

Mayte lived a happy life with her family and quickly showed a mastery in the art of magic from a young age, showing great promise as a mage in the future. The secrecy and isolation was not a problem for her, until the outside world destroyed her home and her family. During a war between the country of Contamanea and Firesands, a chemical weapon attack was used on the water supplies of her land. Due to her kind being aquatic dragons, the damage was immediate and devastating, killing most of the wardens. Only Mayte and her grandmother survived by chance.

Mayte spent the following years learning from her grandmother until her passing. Now she is alone and is the only living warden. When fate brought Ron to Segen, she tried to act upon her duty, but ultimately failed. Now, she has no goal in life and struggles to learn to adapt to a world completely alien to her.

In her past, Mayte was a member of the Maa Tribe that lived with her entire family in the Gates of Segen, training in water magic and protecting the Eye relic. One night, she became ill. Her grandmother took her out of the water so that she could be healed. Suddenly, the water turned a horrible red and killed everyone that was still in the water. This incident correlates to Contamanea dumping poison into Firesands water nearly 70 years ago. Her grandmother passed away years later, leaving her completely and utterly alone. She stayed in the Gates of Segen because she knew her family would want her to protect the Eye.

In the present, Mayte appeared first as a giant water serpent that protected the Gates of Segen from the explorers. She primarily targeted Pierre’s group since they were the primary instigators. She then transformed into her mage state and attacked them all with water magic. She transformed back into serpent mode and shot a pink, sticky substance that incapacitated Gretta’s arm. Her attention ultimately turned away from Ron and his group after Pierre stole the Eye and ran out of the room. Mayte chased after them as best she could but failed. Ben knocked her out of the Gates of Segen, causing a chain reaction that sank it into the desert. She has healing magic and mended Alex’s leg form that gunshot wound. Alone, Alex convinced the group to take her with them as she’s the only one that could help them retrieve the eye. Unfortunately, she speaks a completely different language. Janine Lavou and Mistah Maik tried to teach her English, which proved rather difficult as she was too immature and excited form years of isolation. Once they arrived on land, Alex agreed to take care of her and treated her more of a sister than a guest. While heading home, she encountered a Silentmen and reverted back to her mermaid state. Mayte defended Alex from Terrato and tried to heal her before the Silentmen took her away. Queen Jane reunited her with the group and motivated her to heal Alex’s leg. While Alex is in the hospital, she would stay with Ben.

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