O’Raely was Alexei Rudentof’s partner until he passed away. A once thriving and lively anthropologist, he is now a frail old man suffering from pulmonary fibrosis. He even wears a wig since he lost all his hair. Upon hearing of Ron during a documentary dedicated to his late partner, he immediately reaches out to him and plays the dying old man who wants to see this chapter closed before his death card as a way to get the Eye from Ron. He provides the services of Wallace and his crew to aid Ron in his expedition as a means to solidify his dealings with Ron. And while all this is happening on stage, he employs Gretta and her goons to sneak in and retrieve the Eye behind the curtains. He has no problem manipulating people for his personal gain, going so far as to employ Deivons to spy on Alexei and cause Alex nightmares.

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