Species: Green Basilisk

Age: 33

Height: 1.75 mts / 5.74 ft

Weight: 63 kgs / 138.89 lbs

Profession: Mercenary

Affiliation: Wonders 3

Location: Ferrer, Fontalia?

Little is known about Pierre, and nobody is aware of how he actually joined Wonders 3. His life story changes from time to time, depending on the person he's talking to and how much effort he feels like putting in. He claims to be from Fontalia, but he makes grammatical errors in the language and his accent slips now and again. Still, there is some truth hidden within the different versions of his history, but nobody knows for sure which parts can be relied upon.

Pierre is renowned for his quick wit and agility, as well as being someone you can’t fully trust. He has a posh affect and thinks highly of himself. He also has quite the strict selection of missioms and carries a reputation of accomplishing any task at any cost. He prides himself on having a perfect track record and rose through the ranks via a careful selection of missions and partners that he knew would allow him to further his goals. It is known that he has little tolerance for failure and easily loses his temper if things don’t go his way. Needless to say, much of the organization has only unkind words for the man behind his back.

Noticing the rapid development of Gretta’s reputation within the Wonders 3, Pierre was quick to sweet talk her into as partnership. Though a relationship of convenience, Pierre seems to hold both Gretta and her constant companion, Velia, in the highest regard. Despite respect for their skills, Pierre holds no personal connection to his teammates, and is willing to sacrifice them, if needed, to reach his goal. Two of the few Wonders 3 associates unaware of Pierre's reputation, both Gretta and Velia trust him implicitly, perhaps to their own detriment.

Pierre is the suave leader of the group. He uses his speed and charm to complete his tasks. He is a master of various dialects and languages, especially French. Wallace recognizes him immediately and tells Ron that he was a former brigand. In battle, he relies heavily on his speed and agility. He lost his cool during his scuffle with Ron’s group and was later reprimanded for abandoning Gretta in favor of the Eye relic.

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