Species: Deivon

Age: N/A

Height: 1.20 mts / 3.93 ft

Weight: 15 kgs / 33.03 lbs

Profession: Deivon Lord and figure head for the “Doomsayers” cult

Affiliation: The Doomsayers

Location: The Sacred City, Firesands

Little is known about Ramalach’s origin and history. Like all Deivons, he first gained sentience in a different plane of existence, and discovered his control over chaos magic. As a Deivon, he feeds on the souls of other beings and is a follower of a cosmic entity known as The Son of the Void. This creature is worshiped by the Deivons as it travels from world to world consuming everything in it’s path while the souls are released for the Deivons to claim. Many became ambassadors for their god, traveling to other worlds in advance to prepare them for the arrival of their god.

Ramalach was one of four Deivon lords to arrive on Crisald for conquest in preparation for the future arrival of The Son. Unlike the aggressive methods of the other 3 Deivon lords, Ramalach believes in fair trade and mutual benefit. He grew in power by offering his would-be servants what they wanted the most, in exchange of their service, and in a short time he managed to grow a gigantic army of followers that took over most of Firesands. But Ramalach’s complete trust in his followers and his deals was his undoing, as he was unable to grasp the possibility of betrayal from within his trusted inner circle.

He was stabbed with an enchanted dagger that is constantly draining him from his power and is now fused to his body, weakening him permanently. He was also sealed in a pocket dimension inside a stone statue, but a crack on his prison caused the gateway to be transferred to Ronald’s forehead. But Ramalach has awakened to learn that he is de-powered, and that the Son of the Void and the whole Deivon race are no more. Ramalach has no goal in life at the moment and is just trying to cope with his new reality.

In the past, Ramalach was the master of bargains, offering to fulfill a person’s desires in exchange for their lifespan. Because of his special powers, he acquired a vast array of treasures and had 13 Draconic priests under his control. His reign came to an end when Akbar, one of the Draconic priests and Mayte’s great ancestor, metaphorically and quite literally stabbed him in the back with a magical dagger that negated his magic. Knowing that he could not be killed, the Draconic priests sealed him away into the Eye relic and sacrificed their own lives to maintain the spell.

In the present, Ramalach managed to escape during the fighting between Ron and Pierre’s group. He escaped into Ron’s forehead from the cracked relic. On the ship, he finally revealed himself and relished in the thought of serving under the Son of the Void, a powerful Deivon. Ron broke the news that Queen Jane killed this Deivon over 50 years ago. Now trapped and completely only, he tries to play nice with Ron by offering him all his treasures that were sealed with him. He is very suspicious of Queen Jane as he has the ability to sense an unusual presence around Queen Jane and of her ability to heal Alex’s leg. He does try to bargain with Ron into allowing him to bath under the full moon by offering to bend the will of any woman to his own desires, which backfires big time.

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