Ronald “Ron” Rudentof

Ronald “Ron” Rudentof

Species: Urban Raccoon

Age: 30

Height: 1.73 mts / 5.65 ft

Weight: 65 kgs / 143.2 lbs

Profession: Historian

Affiliation: Hamilton Escarot Museum of History and Art

Location: Neon City, Fanfolia

The illegitimate son of a famous adventurer, Ron was raised by his aunt and with little involvement from his father. Smart but really insecure about his own abilities, he is a hard worker that values knowledge and the preservation of history and facts. This caused him to be quite the introverted person and he has some difficulty creating new friendships, but the ones he does manage to make grow to be really strong bonds.

Not physically impressive or strong, he was a frequent target of bullies, but he made a deal with Ben to deal with that. Ben acted as Ron’s bodyguard, in exchange for Ron’s help with his studies. Ron’s intelligence makes him an excellent tutor, and he’s also acted as tutor for Ben’s sister Miranda, and is trying to help Marianne presently.

Ron feels like he has something to prove to the world, but unlike his father he is not comfortable being in the spotlight.

Ronald Rudentof, or Ron for short, is the central protagonist of The Eye. A researcher at the museum, he is seen packing up the belongings of his deceased father. During said packing, he finds a journal entitled The Eye of Ramalach. He becomes rather obsessed with the book in and of itself as it was sent to him the day of his father’s death. He does have a social life with his best friend Ben, who often drags him away from his research to party at local scenes; however, he feels sad that people are more interested in boobs and booze than preserving the Neon City’s history. Rather than pick on women as Ben suggests, Ron avoids searching and retreats into his research. He then blames Ben for not helping him out and self-loathes about his lack of social skills with the ladies. He doesn’t make the first move but rather waits for the woman to do so, as seen with Marianne. Ben and Alex often encourage him to live a little. Despite spending countless hours examining the journal, he does make a discovery that provides him an opportunity to surpass his father. Sadly, he lacks the experience needed for funds and resorts to aiding Ben in defrauding Avigail for the funds as a stuntman. He seems rather naïve when dealing with people as evidence with the conversation with Pierre in Firesands. That’s in addition to not trusting people as seen with Wallace becoming enraged as Pierre had the direction needed for the ruins. I almost forgot to mention how heartless Ron could be at times as he was willing to leave Mayte in the desert after the Gates of Segen sank to the sand. He does seem to develop a more suspicious nature during Queen Jane’s visit to the hospital and her ability to heal Alex’s leg.

His friendships with Ben and Alex provide some additional information on Ron. For Ben, they met back as kids. He helped Ben out with his homework in exchange that Ben would protect him from school bullies. To this day, Ben does help him out with life and the ladies, whether it is in the form of encouragement or shouting at him for his stupidity.

The friendship with Alex, on the other hand, is rather complicated. Ron asked Alex out on a date back in college on a dare with Ben. They hit it off pretty well because they were complete misfits. They kept their relationship a secret. After three years of dating, he proposed to her as he wanted to settle down, raise a family, and live a simple life. Alex didn’t. They are still friends with benefits, but he still holds out hope that she’ll one day change her mind.

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