Terrato is the combination of various Deivons that are under the control of O’Raely. Because they are individual units, each one talks to the other. They were sent to spy on Alexei and Ron to see if they had any information on the Eye. They later sneak into Alex’s clothes to spy on her, feeding on her nightmares in order to grow stronger and manipulating her to go with Ron on the expedition. He appears to grow stronger with the passing of each day as he continues to feed off of her nightmares and Ramalach’s energy. Confident that they have grown stronger, the one in O’Raely’s drawer commits suicide. When Alex and Mayte return home, they decide to attack and feed on the both of them. Mayte makes quick work of the first two, the Brain and the Torso, before becoming enraged and throwing them outside. The Silentmen arrive and kill the rest of them.

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