Tina of the South Banner on Kemono Cafe.

Tina of the South Banner on Kemono Cafe.

Tina of the South is an action/comedy/western webcomic drawn by Avencri and written by G3off. Previously hosted by The Katbox, it is now part of the Kemono Café and Studio Khimera webcomic communities.[1][2]

Terra Rica is home to great riches for those willing to brave the harsh landscape. For some, however, arid deserts are the least of their worries. As a child, Tina Winchester lost everything to a sinister killer. Now, as a bounty hunter, Tina sets out on a quest for revenge, to bring her father's killer to justice. But her efforts quickly attract the ire of a secret cabal that plots to undermine the very foundations of Terra Rica itself.

History[edit | edit source]

Tina of the South started out as a donation drive comic in 2010.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Chapter One: 3 Chins Joe[edit | edit source]

Tina of the South opens on flashback where Tina Winchester wakes tosee a shadowy figure slashing her father with a knife, killing him instantly. Twelve years late, Tina wakes up from the nightmare.

Later that day, Tina is seen with Lucy getting ready to work at the Honey Pot, a dying saloon and brothel in Gold Digger’s Haven. While servicing the tables, Tina overhears two customers complaining about how the town is dying because of the mine's closing and how Luke Winchester was killed for covering up the lack of minerals in the mine. In retribution for their slanderous comments, Tina intentionally pours his drinks on his lap. Before a physical altercation breaks out, Jeanette, the owner, offers the ruffians free beverages and privately counsels Tina about her rage and frustration.

As punishment, Tina is assigned cleaning duties. During her cleaning, she bumps into Clarisse, a chipmunk who just finished with a customer. Clarisse’s chatty conversation is interrupted with the arrival of Three-Chins Joe and his posse. Loud and obnoxious, Three-Chins Joe and his posse terrorize the customers and grabbe hold of Lucy. Tina stands against him but is beaten for it. The other women join her but only inflame the situation. Joe and his posse destroy the saloon and demand rent starting the following day.

Jeanette contacts Dr. Brooks to tend to the injuries. Tina goes after Three-Chins Joe. Using her sex appeal to attract one of the men from the posse, Tina then shoots him. The other two members of the Coyote Brothers are sent out to inspect the noise and found him dead. Tina gets the drop on these two and finally confronts Three-Chins Joe. After a thrashing, Tina ties him and his remaining partner up and takes them into town for public humiliation.

The town is in celebration for several days as they listen to Tina, dubbed the new gunslinger showgirl. She has no problems bragging about her accomplishments, despite Lucy’s fear that someone might seek her out and get revenge on behalf of Three-Chins Joe. Marshal Edward Bradley and Deputy Marshal Gregory Wallace arrive from Nexu, the capital city of Terra Rica, to take Three-Chins Joe into custody. While Edward encourages Gregory to become better “educated on the finer things in life” with Clarisse, Edward awards Tina the 5,000 credit bounty on Three-Chins Joe’s head. After an evening of drinking, Tina and Edward proceed to have relations in her room.

The next morning, Tina wakes up to find Edward gone. Tina becomes enraged after finding a note and a large tip for that one night stand as she is actually a waitress and not one of the prostitutes that work at the Honey Pot. During their breakfast together, Tina announces that she’ll spend half the funds on improving the Honey Pot and the other half on becoming a bounty hunter. After tearful goodbyes, Tina heads out into the Wild West.

Meanwhile, in Nexus, Three-Chins Joe receives an unexpected visit from Hawkeye, a member of the elusive Hazard Company. Hawkeye retrieves the stolen plans and executes Three-Chins Joe for betraying the company.

Chapter Two: The Pride of the Huntress[edit | edit source]

The chapter opens with a letter from Lucy to Tina. In the letter, Lucy goes into detail as to how everyone at the Honey Pot misses her and what everyone is doing. Tina is seen chasing seen chasing two criminals. A landslide cuts Tina off from her bounty. Tina tries to go for a shot but an aerial throwing dagger blocks the attack. A Native American rattle snake attempts to kill her for stealing her kill. They fight using mixed martial arts. The Native American rattlesnake cuts Tina’s hair and knocks her out.

While knocked out, Tina flashes back to her arrival at the Marshal’s office in Nexus. While searching for her next bounty, Tina runs into Wallace. From the sounds of it, Wallace made quite the impression on Clarisse. After sweetening him up, Wallace kindly shows an enraged Tina to Edward’s office. Tina brags on how she too is helping out with law enforcement only to have her ego smashed as he doesn’t recall who she was.

Tina finally wakes up in front of Hothlepoya, the flirtatious chief of the Rattlers. Tina freaks out, as she is in the nude, and demands some answers. Hothlepoya explains that Sitala, the Rattler who attacked Tina at the start of the chapter, dragged her back to the village with his daughter, tearing up all her clothes. Hothlepoya had to remove the clothes in order to properly treat her wounds.

Before Hothlepoya continues hitting on Tina, Sitala comes in and throws a new set of clothes at Tina. Sitala explains that she spared Tina’s life after mistaking her for law enforcement. Upon learning that Tina is not, Sitala regrets saving her. While taking a tour of the tribe and checking out the eye candy, Hothlepoya explains to Tina that their tribe has been suffering at the hands of Lenny and George, two bounties at the start of the chapter, with new weapons. At supper, conflict erupts between Tina and Sitala as to what will happen once they capture Lenny and George. Tina needs them alive so she can collect on her bounty. Sitala wants them executed for their crimes against the tribe. Tina proposes that she capture them and bring them back to the tribe for group justice; however, Stiala does not trust Tina to come back with them and proposes that she goes with Tina, which Hothlepoya finalizes.

After supper and late at night Hothlepoya meets with Tina and explains to her Sitala’s hatred toward the settlers. Sitala lost her mother to a group of settlers years ago and has not forgiven any of them since then. Hothlepoya fears that her hatred will consume her. After sharing several tender moments, Hothlepoya and Tina have relations.

The next morning, Sitala waits for Tina to finish her business with Hothlepoya. Upon meeting up with Sitala, Tina is sad that Sitala didn’t bring Bullet, her Stridder, back to the tribe. At that precise moment, Bullet finds Tina.

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