Velia Mauser

Velia Mauser

Species: Yellowjacket Wasp

Age: 23

Height: 1.50 mts / 4.92 ft

Weight: 31 kgs / 68.34 lbs

Profession: Mercenary

Affiliation: Wonders 3

Location: Chromstadt, Contamanea

Able to predict trajectories and the movement of a target, Velia was always a natural sharpshooter. But this highly-specialized gift created difficulties in life, as Velia has difficulties socializing and regarding other people as more than potential threats. Her main interest in life is towards her guns, the discussion of which can often be offputting to outsiders. As a result, she is unable to properly express herself and her emotions, leaving her a loner and unable to comprehend why people avoid her.

Having few ties to her family and no friends at all, she began traveling around her country and participating in local marksmanship tournaments. She quickly gained a reputation, and earned the attention of a fellow gun enthusiast named Vencrina. Vencrina, one of the triumvirate of Wonders 3, invited Velia into the mercenary group and took a special interest in mentoring her in the skills of a mercenary.

As Vencrina’s most promising apprentice, the young wasp rose through into ranks of the Wonders 3 and ended up paired with Gretta, who was able to pierce through Velia’s emotional wall and got to know the real her. The two formed a strong bond, and Velia is able to open up to Gretta in a way she is unable to do with other members of the team. While still occasionally unable to express herself to her new friend, Velia considers Gretta to be vital to her growth as a person, and and makes a point to join the cow on any of her endeavors.

Velia is the silent, femme fatale marksman of Pierre’s group. She is quite the shooter because of her four arms. She doesn’t really like alcohol at all. Wallace rips off her antennas during their battles in the Gates of Segen. She kills Wallace with a claw attack and her stinger aimed at the back.

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