Virginia O’Raelly

Virginia O’Raelly

Species: Mouse

Age: 30

Height: 1.58 mts / 5.2 ft

Weight: 52 kgs / 114.64 lbs

Profession: Gynecologist

Affiliation: None

Location: Mirkwood, Fanfolia

Born the fourth child of an investment banker and a psychologist, Ginny grew up in the lap of luxury, surrounded by her siblings. Of course, with three older siblings and a baby sister not long after her own birth, Ginny often found herself neglected by her parents, already busy with the hectic nature of their jobs.

On the occasions he visited his sister, Eugene O'Raelly noticed his young niece buried in books and all but mute. Sensing an opportunity, he took her with him to meet his friend and colleague, Alexei Rudentof, and introduced Ginny to Alexei's similarly introverted son, Ronald. The pair of dorky youngsters hit it off immediately, with Ginny emerging from her shell as the unexpected alpha female of their pairing.

Ginny saw Ron every summer and a few times in the interim, and they remained steadfast friends, even subscribing to an MMORPG together to always keep in touch. As she grew older, a series of incidents led to Ginny developing deeper feelings for Ron, but unfortunately, her family had other plans. Her parents, ever-concerned with maintaining their social status as pureblood mice, pushed for Ginny to begin a relationship with a charming mouse boy they met while visiting her med school.

Too meek to oppose her parents' desires, Ginny can only rebel against the unwanted marriage by continuously pushing off her own wedding. Though she has no problem with Wesley, she still harbors a deep crush for her childhood friend. With the resurgence of the Rudentof family name, first with Alexei's death and the news of Ron's successful expedition to Firesands, Ginny seeks the raccoon out once more to relive her glory days.

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