Wallace Mc Neil

Wallace Mc Neil

Species: Llama

Age: 58

Height: 2.20 mts / 7.21 ft

Weight: 118 kgs / 261.48 lbs

Profession: Mercenary / Adventurer

Affiliation: The Bossanova

Location: Islas Esmeralda, Playaback

Wallace grew up listening to stories about the adventures of his best friend (Ramon's) father. Both of them imagined themselves becoming great adventurers, and grew up preparing for undertaking such an endeavor. Unlike the sickly Ramon, Wallace was physically strong and able to follow their dreams.

Once they became adults, Ramon founded Wonders 3, a mercenary group that recruited people looking to prove themselves and take on the kinds of missions Ramon could never do himself. Wallace was invited to join by his best friend, but decided against it. Taking the seat of a manager meant he would be sending others out to live the life he wanted to lead.

With the resources he had, Wallace created The Bossanova, a group of adventurers and researchers whose mission was to explore new lands, find riches and salvage goods. The Bossanova crew began taking odd jobs to get the funds for its members personal projects, and Wallace lived for the thrill of discovery. His loud and boisterous personality turned him into a natural leader of a small, but very tight group, that gives their all to their dreams.

Wallace is the explorer that O’Raely hired to lead Ron’s expedition. He is rather direct and energetic during the dinner, showing off how easy it is to eat a steak half his size and carrying on with grand tales of dungeons and monsters in a British accent of all things. He is the leader of the Bossanova with an experienced team to boot. He rather enjoys his drinks and talking about his ideal woman. He doesn’t seem to show any sympathy towards Ron though whenever he failed to mention that Pierre caught a glimpse of the compass. At the Gates of Segen, he enlists Ben to help him defeat Pierre’s group. He quite literally ripped Velia’s ear right off her head, temporarily paralyzing her. Despite their battle, Wallace does defend Gretta against Mayte’s attack, only to open himself up to Velia’s claw and stinger attack. As Ben and Ron try to carry him out of the collapsing Gates of Segen, he encourages Ron to take care of Marianne and dies.

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